Friday, December 16, 2005

A Truncated Update

A week ago, Erica and I were in New York. I bet you're wondering if I got any new portroids on that trip. Would I be writing if I didn't? Maybe. But, of course, the answer is yes. I got eleven (ten, really).

Before we left, we had some pre-arranged plans. One of which I hoped would result in the completion of yet another Year 3 Goal, and another possible plan that would result in the completion of one of the Fan Challenge goals. Neither came to fruition. Pre-guessed goals were fruitless. Fruition was -ion. Does that make sense? I doubt it.

I suppose things would be best explained by discussing what new portroids I did actually portroid. Let us begin.

Kevin Laurie - Kevin is a business contact. He is my investment contact at Lehman Brothers. If you're looking for an investment contact, Kevin is a good guy to know. At breakfast, he noticed my Polaroid camera and asked me about it. We discussed my site, and one thing led to his portroid being presented on this here the internet. Ta-da!

Alexis Stember - if I had a wish, it would be to put Alexis's portroid in the fantroid section. But, my friend, wishes don't always come true. My own rules forbid it. Although Alexis has been requesting her portroid be taken for over a year, and her first real interaction with me was in reaction to the portroids site, I have had foreknowledge of her from years ago when we both lived in the same Iowa town. She's also friends with some of my friends. Therefore, she doesn't go in fantroids. Oh well for her.

Undeveloped Portroid - this is what happens if you remove the film cartridge when there is still film inside. It's gold, baby!! This is for the sake of science and curiosity. Don't let it kill your cat. Science, that is. You can't stop curiosity from killing you cat. It's what it does. It's a killer.

Rosie O'Donnell - my first celesbian portroid! Rosie is currently in the Broadway musical Fiddler On The Roof. I've seen this musical, but not on this trip. I did see Rosie at the stage door though. I also saw Harvey Fierstein. I asked if I could take his picture, he said "Of course you can, cookie" and then walked off. Thus no portroid. Rosie was more accessible. Friendly and gracious. She mentioned she may try to get back into television - with a variety or game show. Just so you know.

How I happened to be at the Fiddler stage door is like this: I walked over there. We actually saw the musical Wicked, but decided to pursue portroids other than Rue McClanahan (a Golden Girl!) and Ben Vereen (though both would've been excellent additions to the site). I went by three other stage doors before settling on Fiddler. That's the story. Aren't you glad you read all that?

Those were the portroids I took on December 9. I took more. December 10 and 11. I haven't posted them yet. I'm busy. Too busy.

I'll post them later. When I'm not so busy. Not too busy.

Busily Yours,

Next Time On ... Portroids Blog! A failed mission, a surprise success, and the most jolly fictional man and the most evil fictional man in .. the ... same ... day!!! Stay tuned!