Tuesday, February 12, 2008


As I am sure you've all heard, Polaroid has decided to no longer make film for it's Polaroid cameras. The digital age has finally killed the art of instant Polaroidery. Curse you and your binary pixelation, digital age!

I was alerted to this news from all points on the globe, from England to Seattle to right here at home (by a total of three people (from where, I will never tell)). They (the Polaroid Corporation) are closing their Massachusetts plant and expect to run out of film by 2009. What does this mean for portroids? What do you think it means? It means death. It means a hard end-date. It means the world shall mourn the loss of this venture so revered by one and all*.

*"all" is an overstatement. Overstating like three or four people total.

Anyway, to celebrate all that Polaroid film has given us by way of opportunity for taking pictures of ourselves, our friends, and more importantly our celebrities, I'd like to point you in the direction of a few other places online to appreciate the art of celebrity Polaroids:

http://www.portroids.com/celebrities.htm (my site, of course)
http://www.roidrage.com/ (a great site run by Jeremy Kost)
http://www.hennygarfunkel.com/ (signed Polaroids by Henny Garfunkel)

Please send any more links to me at portroids@hotmail.com and I will include them.

In the coming days, I will also be adding a new gallery to showcase celebrity Polaroids collected over the years by Steve Bannos. He's got some very cool ones and I think you will really enjoy it. That's what I think, anyway. Look for it soon!

So, unless some other manufacturer steps up to start producing film, you can expect about another year of portroids. Maybe more if I can stockpile and hoard film in my freezer. Goodbye, freezer-burnt ice cream. Hello, 2010 portroids!!

Photerminally Yours,