Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Gained In Translation

In my typical online vanity search, I came across this Polish Beastie Boys page that mentions portroids and posts my Adrock and MCA Polaroids. Attempting to read what was written, I ran the text through a Polish-English translator. The result is my new favorite full-circle meta description of what I do:

Dwóch members ex batches Beastie Boys Adam Horovitz as well Adam Yauch stays photographed on Denver. Rick "creature, who desponded to coinage Portroids draw at sight ". Drive-in-bank drafts collection photos as well autographs artist on various spot. Thereof offering there is room to sight herein :

- Creature who desponded to coinage Portroids draw at sight

Monday, March 24, 2008

The State and Portroid Affairs

There are some general housekeeping things I have been meaning to address. I'm not only talking about the dirty dishes in the sink (but seriously, you should do something about those. They stink.), but more so about bad links, out-dated pages, and a general inconsistency of page-style. I'm sure you all check the website to which this blog refers ( ) almost daily to see who is newly posted. But if not, shame on you. I'm ashamed of you (big time!).

This past weekend, I spent many an hour cleaning up every page (only to discover today that I still need to re-do some of it (dag!)), adding adlinks, texting images (for better searches), and posting updated internal links at the foot of every page. I also added an analytic tool so I can better know my visitors (nice to meet you (well, some of you, at least).

Another thing I have been delinquent in reporting is why the Year 5 images look so much better than every prior year. I updated my camera. Actually, I back-dated my camera. My Spectra 1200FF, whose design I truly love, was becoming inconsistent (sometimes it just wouldn't work when I tried to take a picture (embarrassing!)) and the photo quality was turning into crap. I did some research and settled anew upon the Spectra Pro. I LOVE IT!! It can do multiple exposures, manual focus setting, and other things, too. The best part is the crispness and clarity of the Polaroids. I should've started with this five years ago. Instead, for four years you got off-center, blurry, half developed messes (occasionally, at least). My apologies in arrears.

As you also know, I decided not to set any goals in Year 5. I just wanted to see what would transpire if I didn't limit myself to a fast rule. Well, my friends (best friends, I hope), a goal I set in Year 3, and then re-enacted for Year 4, has manifested itself in Year 5, times 6!

Year 3 Goal: An unportroided member of The State (I have 5 of 11 already)

I asked/hoped to add just one more State member to my collection of Polaroid portraits, but alas I have, in one fell swoop, accomplished the complete series. All six remaining unportroided members (yes, even Todd Holoubek who left the group in 1995) have now been portroided!

"But, who or what are The State?" you ask. "Get out of my face, you ignorant turd!" I basely reply to your ignorant turd of a question!

The State were/are a comedy group that had a show on MTV in the early/mid 90s. They are the most influential comedic influence in my life (and that of many of my friends) and they are the benchmark to which all else is judged (harshly).

As I stated, I had met, previously, 5 of them. Most frequently, the members who formed Stella (Michael Showalter, Michael Ian Black, and David Wain). I also had the chance to meet Tom Lennon and Ben Garant in Aspen four years ago at a Reno 911 Live event. I saw Kerri Kenney-Silver at that same event, but did not get the chance to talk to her. And if we're keeping track, I used to see Kevin Allison all the time on Varick Street where I lived in New York (but, again never talked to him), and I would see Joe Lo Truglio at many Stella shows and a few times on the street in SoHo (but, as you may've guessed, I did not talk to him).

Anyway, recently The State has reunited for a couple shows in Los Angeles at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and we were there. It was .... awesome! Just seeing everyone together again (minus Showalter and Black (though they sent along a video)) was amazing. I've already recapped the show elsewhere, so I will save you the boredom (not boring).

After the show(s), I got the chance to meet everyone.

Erica, my wife (as you know), went around and got them all to sign our book (State by State with The State) and video (Skits and Stickers). Here are some pictures if you don't believe me:

And here are the portroids I took:

Ken Marino, my favorite State member (sorry everyone else), was absolutely the nicest and most gracious person you could ever meet. I told him I really liked the move Diggers (which he wrote, produced, and starred in). He was very appreciative and sincerely thanked me for saying that.

Joe Lo Truglio. You know, very funny, great guy.

Kevin Allison. I didn't get to interact with him, but briefly. He was friendly and cool, though.
Thomas Lennon. Hilarious. He was a bit in a rush because it was between shows, but he took the time to pose for me. After the second show he was more relaxed and interacted with all the fans and was just incredibly great.
Michael Patrick Jann. Was confused as to why I wanted a picture just of him, but after I explained portroids to him, he was cool with it. He also was kind enough to get a T-shirt from the backroom for me. Now, that is amazing. I was impressed with how far these guys went for their fans (they handed out T-shirts that said "I didn't get into the State reunion" to everyone outside who couldn't get in.
Kerri Kenney-Silver. She's the greatest. Very nice. This is probably my favorite portroid of all time.
Todd Holoubek. Talked to a group of us about why he left the show (to pursue his education) and what he has been up to since then (rocket science and teaching). He also introduced us to some of his students that were in attendance. I took one Polaroid and he shook it for awhile and it looked like it wasn't going to develop, so I took another. Both developed. You can see them both on the main site.
Robert Ben Garant. I saved this one for last because it was my favorite interaction. I went up and asked Ben if I could get a quick picture. I then mentioned that I met him a few years ago in Aspen and got his picture there. He remembered. He described the portroid I took then. We talked about how he had a mustache in that one. He re-created the pose so I could have one without a mustache, too. We shook hands and he said it was nice to meet me ... again.

Well, that's it. A Year 3 goal accomplished two years later!!

- Rick