Sunday, February 22, 2009

Portroids Congratulates the Oscar Nominees

Hey, watch the Academy Awards tonight. OK?

Here are the portroids of some of the nominees. You should hope these people win, because, you know, I've met them and then you can pretend you've met them vicariously (unless you've met/are them yourself, or have met/are other nominees).

Best Actor Nominee - Richard Jenkins

Best Actress Nominee - Anne Hathaway

Cinematography - Wally Pfister

I've also seen, but not spoken to and therefore have no portroid of, the following nominees (so you are welcome to cheer for them (because I'm pretty sure my permission is needed for such things)): Michael Shannon, Kate Winslet, and Werner Herzog.

That's it? Yes. That is it.

I'm willing to bet that at least three of the presenters will be represented on, but since I don't know who any of the presenters are this year, I'm not really willing to bet.

Have fun watching the show tonight. It is hosted by Hugh Jackman. I got a picture of him in Portroids Year 1, but he didn't sign it (not refused, but walked away before I had a chance to ask), so I gave it to a person standing by me when I took it. I used to have rules I would closely follow. Rules be damned nowadays, my friends, rules be goddamned.