Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Michael & Michael Have Issues, etc.

If I were you, and let's be honest, I pretty much am, I would watch "Michael and Michael Have Issues" starting tomorrow on Comedy Central. If you're not reading this today, you may not know that tomorrow is July 15, 2009. A Wednesday. So, let me be more unambiguous: tomorrow night, July 15, 2009 (a Wednesday), watch the new television show entitled "Michael & Michael Have Issues" on Comedy Central at whatever time it airs (do some of your own research, OK? I can't do everything for you. You'll never learn that way).

Where do I get off, you may wonder, in telling you what to watch? Well, my friend (best), I have it on good authority (my own) that the show is very funny and very good. How do I know? I watched the first two episodes (pre-release, motherf*cker!). So, take my word for it. When have I ever steered (storn?) you wrong (other than any time I may have actually storn (steered, right?) you wrong)?

Let's say you don't even know anything about this show. All the better. Set your TiVo or DVR or VCR and record it. Record every episode. Watch them all. Over and over. Start a revolution. Be obsessive. It's fine. It's welcomed. You won't be sorry (very).

What do I get out of this? Nothing other than continued entertainment by Michael and Michael due to your (and my) support of their work. So, do it for me, OK? I owe you one.

I just realized you may not know who Michael and Michael are. My apologies. They are these guys:

Now, do everyone a favor (including yourself), and watch this show, "Michael and (&) Michael Have Issues" on Comedy Central on July 15, 2009.

Also, while you're doing things just because I said you should, go out and buy "The State" on DVD. It comes out today (today being July 14, 2009). It stars the two aforementioned Michaels and nine other amazingly hilarious people (who can be seen on my site as well - The State on portroids )

OK, that's it. Watch the show. Record it. Tell your friends (and enemies).