Tuesday, December 08, 2009

More Podcasts, etc.

Just a quick post to remind you to listen to the new portroids podcast (Portroidcast). You can subscribe in iTunes, or go to the main podcast site, or listen to them directly from this blog.

Listen here for my interview with Matthew Bissonnette and Joel Bissonnette at the Starz Denver Film Festival, where they presented their new film "Passenger Side".

And here is another podcast of my interview with Adam Scott, also at the Starz Denver Film Festival, who was in the films "Passenger Side" and "The Vicious Kind" (which begins screenings in LA on December 11, 2009).

Next up is an interview I will be conducting this Thursday with comedian Natasha Leggero. Expect to see that posted up on Thursday night.

Also, in portroid news, we'll be going to New York on Dec 18-20, so expect a lot of fun new pictures from that trip. I'll also try to do some quick interviews while I'm there, so as I keep saying, subscribe now.