Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Fans of portroids probably know I'm a huge fan of "The State" and all their subsequent projects, so it's no small wonder that I'm greatly looking forward to the new film by director/co-writer David Wain (and co-writer Ken Marino) coming out this Friday (February 24, 2012). It's called "Wanderlust". You, like me, should go see it this weekend. Did you like "Wet Hot American Summer" and/or "The Ten" and/or "Role Models" and/or "Stella" and/or "The State"? I did. Go see "Wanderlust".

Here are some portroid connections to the film for your pre-viewing enjoyment:

David Wain (2003)

David Wain (2012)

Ken Marino (2008)
Paul Rudd (2006)
Paul Rudd (2012)
Malin Akerman (2010)
Joe Lo Truglio (2008)
Kerry Kenney-Silver (2008)
Todd Barry (2007)
Michael Showalter (2003)
Michael Showalter (2012)
Michael Ian Black (2003)
Michael Ian Black (2012)
Zandy Hartig (2012)
Peter Salett (2008)

There are a lot of other great people in the movie, like Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux and Alan Alda and Jordan Peele and Kathryn Hahn and Lauren Ambrose and a lot more. So, like I've said numerous times already, go see it!

Go see it,