Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Kick Ass Merchandise - Anonymously Inspired

True to my word (which isn't always "true"), I got the promised updates posted over the weekend. Hooray for me - I kick ass.

Also true to my word, I got a new portroid today which I need to post (or "which needs posted" if you are grammatically retarded), so once again I am behind on my posting. Don't worry though, because as previously stated, I kick ass.

Over lunch, I met and popped the 'roid of ABCNews Political Commentator Cokie Roberts. I told her her portroid would soon be online. She asked if there were any pictures she could use for self-gratifying, or if this whole thing was just a "sophomorish attempt" at snapshots. I gave her the new portroids T-shirt and she resigned herself to alternate sources for pleasure. Sorry, Cokie, no strokie.

As to the results of the recent vote for who deserves their own rapidly-executed 'Portroids Proudly Presents ...' page, I am still tallying. It's a close contest so far, so get your votes in (if you like to be the 'tie-breaker'). Get them in if you want a say. Even anonymously you can vote. So vote for yourself if you are that vain. I dare you. I double dog dare you.

That's it for now. Not much.

Still kickin' ass,

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