Friday, September 24, 2004

Let Your Voice Be Heard (and a Portroid 'Where Are They Now ...")

Come hell or high-water, I will have the remaining basic updates online before the weekend is out. The only thing that will stop me is laziness, so barring laziness, expect the remaining updates to be made. Another thing that might stop me is finding something (anything) better to do. That'll stop me like taking a rhinocerous' credit card away stops him from charging. Full stop.

There are a few potential portroids on the horizon, so focus your bi-focals in the general web direction of in the near-ish future.

I'm taking web votes on whom you would like to see as a featured portroid subject. You've all enjoyed the great work I humbly did on pages for Michael Dreben, Reginal Lankster, and Rick DeMint (a.k.a Yours Truly), so let me know who should be next to achieve such heights of fame. Just post your vote as a comment to this message. I'll be assured to see it. Assuredly.

Speaking of Reginal Lankster, he disappeared for awhile after I took his picture. Maybe the Feds got to him. Anyway, just the other day I spotted him, no longer in The Smile Zone, wearing a pimpish hat, mirror Trooper-style sunglasses, and with nicely-trimmed facial hair (mutton chop sideburns and a cleaned-up goatee). He must've come into an inheritance or some such. Good for him. I haven't smiled though in months.

VOTE NOW! (for someone whose picture is already on the site - none of this "write about Jimi Hendrix" rubbish. He's dead. Long since dead.)

Yours Truly,


Anonymous said...

what do portroids mean to me? i will tell you, for example when i click on images of poorly taken pictures that are no more than someones sophomorish attempt at a snapshot that is not as much use to me as the same useless picture yet taken of a woman with no clothes on which would let me partake of the benefits of such a picture by sexually gratifying myself.

Anonymous said...

Re: Reginal Lankster
I suppose it is the right thing to do to say such nice things about a man that never held a job for more than a couple of months and never supported his family. At least you could spell his name correctly.