Friday, September 10, 2004


The response to this new Portroids (we)blog has been, in a word, staggering. Zero comments!! Whoa! I expected something like 2 or 3 ... "long time lurker, first time poster" or "I don't normally comment on these thingamajobbers, but I couldn't hardly help myself when I saw you finally jumped on the bandwagon" or "Dude, that was boring, your post."

OK, lurkers, here's your chance to comment on whatever you normally like to comment on (bad grammar, for instance). I see you out there hiding in the dark shadows, kind of scary, yet eerily comforting, with your slightly swaying form (akin to Grandma's rocking chair with her well-worn afghan blanket draped lovingly over the back). Ollie-ollie-oxen-free. Come out, come out, wherever you all.

You may have noticed from the "Updates" page that I haven't updated since late August. Yes, I do have some things to do. I need to add the Whiteheads to the Flash page. I have a new picture to post (a rollover). I have tons upon tons of texty descriptions to write and post (so you can find out more and exciting things about people you only thought you knew). I need to link this blog to the site so people actually realize it exists.

Seriously guys, you're starting to freak me out with your hiding. I can SEE you, so stop pretending! Actually ... maybe that is only Grandma's rocking chair. Maybe I'm alone here (alone with Grandma's ghost (she's not even dead)). I'm getting scared now. Very scared.

I think I'll take some of my own advice and link this blog to the site so people actually realize it exists. God, it's lonely here.

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