Monday, September 20, 2004

Presidential Platform and Holes Where They Shouldn't Be

Over the past few days we've been moving into our new house. My dad and mom are here visiting and helping us move in. I got a new portroid (not yet posted) of my mother, but you'll all just have to wait to see it, as it has not yet been posted (as noted in the above parenthetical break). I took the picture just before we left to go to the Carousel Dinner Theater (where I took a previous portroid previously when we were there ... on a previous occasion).

Anyway, the next morning at breakfast, I overheard some locals at the booth behind us talking about how one of their party (an elderly gent) had also been at the CDT (that's what the "cool kids" call the Carousel Dinner Theater). A younger man (mid-30s) at that table, in somewhat disbelieving tones, exclaimed that he didn't realize the old man was a "patron of the arts". He then went on to eloborate his own special brand of ignorance by saying that he himself "needs the 'arts' like he needs a hole in the head". That got me thinking about how people who say they 'need (blank) like they need a hole in the head' actually do need a hole in the head. A bullet hole right through the head. This guy did need the arts, he needed them bad, so his statement was true. I didn't shoot him in the head though. I'm not the guy to give everyone everything they need. I ain't Santa Claus.

I don't endorse putting holes in people's heads (just for the record)(not even if they say they need (blank) like they need a hole in the head)(they do need a hole in the head though)(but that's off the record).

Unrelated to portroids in any way, but somewhat related to my previous paragraphs (in that they are both about killing or wishing people dead (which I don't endorse)), I came up with a new anti-drug campaign. Somehow the goverment should slip millions of fatal poisons into the illegal drug supply, so that it's like Russian Roulette. Roll a joint, smoke it, die instantly (or don't, if you happen to get the unpoisoned supply - then you'll just get "mad stoned"). Maybe it's your first time doing 'coke'. Sorry, you just died. Hey Roy, shoot up some of that heroin in my arm vein. Ugh! I'm not alive anymore! Soon the word will get out that drugs can kill you (INSTANTLY) and then folks will be so scared to use them that they'll quit cold-turkey (and I'm not talking about the kind that makes for a nice post-Thanksgiving sandwich). Some people will keep using, but that's because they want to die. They're suicidal. And that's sad. Forget them. They are the exception (and expendable).

Maybe instead of actually poisoning people though, the goverment can use the media (the goverment's puppet) to lie to people and just say that drugs are killing people (INSTANTLY), that cases are pouring in around the country of good honest drug users dying by the thousands after a single use. Get a frenzy working. Then everyone will stop using drugs (INSTANTLY). Fear tactics always work, even on drugged-out wastoids (they're so damn paranoid as it is).

Well ... that's my proposal. I hope the goverment buys it from me. Maybe when I'm President (DeMint '08), I can put it into place myself. Being President is a lot of work ... and I need more work like I need a hole in the head.

Don't do drugs (at least not the poisoned ones),

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