Thursday, September 16, 2004


Various pieces of my personality, or persona if you will (if you won't, then "personality" it shall be), are taken from other things. Hey, I like that joke, I'll use it later. That guy has a cool half-slide, half-step walk, I must use that sometime. Oy, what's that I just heard? That is worth repeating around someone who will think I made it up myself. These and other things are the things that make up a personality (persona? Still no? OK. Personality) like mine. These and other.

Anyway, there are certain things that I "steal", but tweak in what I often think are "original" ways, such as taking Polaroid Portraits of people and having them sign their name to it autograph-style and then morphing the names (Polaroid and Portraits) together into something like "portroids". Damn that's cool - and sooooo original. Not so. Well, the name, as far as I can tell, is original, but I'm sure that will be shattered when proven stolen later in this life.

I only just found out that someone else has been taking Polaroid pictures of people and having them sign their names at the bottom (long before I started). That person is Gene Simmons (Richard's brother (unconfirmed) and frontman for KISS). There is a slight difference though. Gene takes a Polaroid of every woman he has sex with. He claims to have approximately 4,700 of these. He doesn't call them Portroids though. I'm not sure what he calls them, but I will call them Sexroids (because it sounds really, really gross).

So, there you have it. Just another example of how unoriginal I actually am. Hey, even this subject of Gene Simmons taking Sexroids is unoriginal. I heard about it yesterday morning from Greg Thunder on the radio. Of course, they didn't use the term "Sexroids". I may have actually said something original, but I doubt it. I sincerely doubt it. I also doubt Gene Simmons has a Sexroid to match my Portroid of Greg Thunder, but again, I could be wrong.

Unorginally Yours,

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