Thursday, February 10, 2005

Nefarious Purposes

I would like to interrupt this long-delayed telling of our recent Aspen Comedy Festival experience in order to plug various neglected portions of the portroids website.

It seems our good friends at Google haven't roboted our site since May 2004, therefore all hits as a result of "Googling" someone are heavily weighted toward older material. We have plenty of new pictures up. Also, the aforementioned "we" is really just "I".

Here, since this blog is on a more regular robo-rotation, are some poignant links for all your Googling needs. I would like to point out that I find "Googling someone" to be "creepy" and "rude" and "fun", akin to using binoculars to spy through your neighbor's window (fun, yes, but how likely really are you to see them naked? Not very. Believe me, I know). But since "Googling" is what brings my hit count up, I cherish it. Oh boy, do I cherish it. - this page gets more hits than a bong at Chong's house - this page is the html equivalent of all the pictures I've taken in Portroids Year 2, and is grossly neglected by search engines - this page is where I link some STELLA comedy portroids and tales - this, of course, is the "main page". It's like when you say someone is your "main man", when really they're just a way for you to get an "in" with the cooler kids (e.g. "Main Page" is to "Portroids' Flash Site" as "My Main Man Kevin Bacon" is to ... ______?)

I've got more links, but I don't want to post them. I want to see if the robot can find them. I like to play with robots. Especially robots that dance. We could have a dance-off. Damn, that's cool.


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