Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Recap Havoc

After two or so weeks of intense portroiding, I finally got around to posting the resulting new portroids. 23 in all.

If you think I'm going to spend the time and effort to explain the circumstances of each of these new portroids, you've got another think coming. The other think you have coming is another thing entirely. A whole 'nother think thing.

I think.

OK, since you twisted my arm (kind of softly, but twisted nonetheless), I'll break it down generally. It'll be what the hip-hop kids refer to as a "general break-down". I don't really know what that means. I think it has something to do with dancing. Hip-Hop Dancing!

Category 1: Papa's Funeral

Most of the pictures I took were of the remaining family members whose portroids have not yet been portroided. I also took some pictures of some kids who aren't old enough to sign their own names (an extreme breakage of the rules). I had their parents sign for them. I'm a rebel.

Here are the new ones:

Shelley Watson-Aguiar - my mom's best friend since 1st grade (I'm sure if you've ever talked to my mom, she's told you this. She won't shut up about her best friend since 1st grade, Shelley. Well, here's her picture.)
Toni Tibbets - this is Shelley's* sister.
Madalyn Watson - this is Shelley's* mom. 91 years old, she is.
Laurie Miller - this is my cousin. Cousin Laurie. See the family tree to see how she fits into things.
Bob Schow - my uncle Bob. Not the Uncle Bobby on my Dad's side, but the uncle who is married to my Mom's sister, Aunt Cookie. That's the Bob I'm talking about.
Gabriel Walker - my nephew. A baby. He can't sign his name. My sister did it for him. He's a cheater.
Erica DeMint - my wife. A blurry portroid (as per usual). I'm kind of crummy at this. One of my Grandma's crucifixes is in the picture, so that has to count for something.
Devin Alan Miller - my second cousin. Jim Alan's son. Cousin James, or whatever. Signed by "James".
Emily Rayne Miller - another second cousin. Billy's daughter. I mean, Cousin William. I don't know if her last name is Miller. His is. He signed this portroid.
Jason Bressler - this guy was a surprise guest at my grandfather's funeral, playing the bagpipes while my Cousin Billy (William) wrapped up his eulogy and we pallbearers transported the casket to the hearse. This bastard made me cry.
Ben Bruner - my brother's friend. He ate some of my Mom's French toast. She said it was the best French toast she's ever tasted. No one else said that. Not even Bruner.

Category 2: Colorado Visitors

Leslie Robarge - she went to college (I think) with my father-in-law. She's a friend of the family (on my wife's side). I would say she's a friend of my side of the family too, if you count me as being "my side of the family". I hope you do.
Benj Myers - you know, it's Benj. He's that guy who went to school with us, but was a few grades younger. He used to listen to rap music. Now he's some sort of Literature Masters student at Johns Hopkins. Benj. Why is he biting his lip? I know, right?

Category 3: Bright Lights, Big City (as my old boss Doug Vaughn used to say)

We went to New York over the weekend and got some portroids.

David Hyde Pierce - voted best quote uttered while in the portroid process (seconded by Eddie Izzard's "Oh, for crap's sake"). It's on the main page of portroids.
Alan Tudyk - great performer. Nice guy. Loves polaroids (but what about portroids? No! No one loves portroids!)
Billy Crudup - also a nice guy. Made time for everyone waiting outside his show. Picture is a little blurred. Typical of me.
Jeff Goldblum - cuddled up for a picture with Erica (or Mrs. Photographer, as he called her) and then made a fun, kooky pose for his individual portroid. He was really quite great with all the fans. Good for him.
Rick DeMint - just a second shot for me. First portroid taken by Erica.
The SugarHill Gang - say what? You mean the Rapper's Delight SugarHill Gang? That's what I said. Check it. And now you show that even you know the words to the first part of Rapper's Delight. We're all so impressed with you.
Tom Wopat - yes, yes, yes, it's that Tom Wopat. Yes, the same one who was in Annie Get Your Gun on Broadway. He was also in Glengarry Glen Ross on Broadway. That's what I saw him in.
Gordon Clapp - same text as for Tom Wopat, but replace "Tom Wopat" with "Gordon Clapp", and Annie Get Your Gun with NYPD Blue. Yes, keep the "on Broadway" after NYPD Blue, just for fun.
Frederick Weller - saw him first in The Shape of Things, now in Glengarry Glen Ross. Thought he was great in both. Here's his portroid for all you suckers who thought I'd never get it. What up now?
Liev Schreiber - awesome actor. I can't wait for his directorial debut with the new Everything Is Illuminated film. He also wrote the screenplay. Regarding portroids, he stared at me for ten seconds, after asking if I was going to sell the picture on ebay**, before he would sign it. I'm not going to sell it.

That's it. No more portroids for now. Maybe later.

I said maybe later!

*Shelley, in case you don't remember, is my mom's best friend since 1st grade. Thanks for the reminder, Mom.
**For extra credit, and your name on my website: other than Liev Schreiber, name two people who asked me if I planned to sell their portroid on ebay. I believe three people have asked.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Goodbye Papa

Yesterday my grandfather passed away. Cancer. Sucks.

I added a new page to the site showing the direct blood descendants of my grandparents, as they relate to portroids.


Monday, August 08, 2005

G-Ma's B-Day

Today is my grandma's birthday. I don't know if it can actually be called a birthday anymore, because it's the first birthday since her birth that doesn't mark her reaching one more year. She passed away in January (the 14th). Cancer. Sucks.

That's all I have to say today.