Monday, October 24, 2005

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Me!!

Today is the second anniversary of the first time a portroid was ever taken (by me). October 24, 2003. That seems like a long time ago. Let's reminisce.

I started portroids as a means of documenting my life. In two years I have had a chance to take portroids of almost all of my friends, almost all of my family (including both of my maternal grandparents, who have since both passed away), tons of celebrities, a few strangers (who have since become friends), co-workers, and a portroids fan (which is such a weird concept to me - a portroid of someone I would've never had a portroid of if it wasn't for portroids - self-propagating, I love it!).

I am so grateful for all the opportunities I've had over the past two years. I mean, it's insane that I've gotten to meet so many people I respect and idolize. At the first anniversary of portroids, I wouldn't have believed the portroids I took in the past year. I feel truly blessed.

In Year 1, I took 168 portroids (not all of which were posted - so don't go counting).
In Year 2, I took 99 portroids (not all of which were posted - count if you insist - you'll be disappointed).

In Year 3, I am going to be even more ambitious. No more 40.5% portroid attrition. Let's get more portroids this year than any prior year!! I may even resort to duplicating portroid subjects (I've done it before, so it's not beneath me) from prior years. People change, let's capture that on film!

I already started a Year 3 project (I'm ambitious). It's called Self-Portroids. Here's the first image from the series. It's me (of course). Maybe it will be all portroids of me, or maybe I'll convince other people to take their own portroid (with my camera, with me there - let's not get crazy with everyone in the world thinking they are freelance portroid artists - I mean, c'mon).

Celebrity portroids are an important part of why my hit count went from 10/mo to 10,000/mo. I know where my bread is buttered (on both sides!) and I plan to continue in this great tradition.

Here are my top ten celebrity portroid goals for Year 3 (in no particular order):

UPDATED (03/11)

1. A previously missed portroid (someone I saw, but didn't get a portroid of) - ACCOMPLISHED 11/04 - Greg Behrendt
2. A cast member from the TV show LOST.
3. Someone associated with the Lord of the Rings films - ACCOMPLISHED 10/27 - Alan Lee
4. Someone associated with the original Star Wars films - ACCOMPLISHED 12/11 - Ian McDiarmid
(the last three have made me appear, quite correctly, as kind of a geek)
5. A musical legend in their field/genre. ACCOMPLISHED 03/11 - Russell Simmons
6. Another cast member from Arrested Development ACCOMPLISHED 03/10 - Jeffrey Tambor
7. An unportroided member of The State (I have 5 of 11 already).
8. An author who's work I admire.
9. An actor or director on a film set.
10. An up-and-coming comedian.

OK, those are my goals. Now here's the challenge. Send me your suggestions for who I should try to portroid (as a verb?) in the coming year. You can send specific names, or general categories (as I did above). I will pick ten from all the submissions to post as Top Ten Fan Favorite Portroid Challenges for Year 3. Get to work. The year has begun!!

Congratulations (to me) on Year 2's completion and Year 3's commencement!

I can't wait to hear from you.



Anonymous said...

Let me be the first to congratulate you on your second anniversary. OK, thanks for letting me do that. Now, how I ever surfed into this site while looking for pictures on the web of Minnie Mouse is probably none of your interest or business. Suffice to say that you have made a wonderful effort in your pursuit of the Portroid. How very unusual and very interesting. I am sure to tell all of my so-called friends.
I can't wait to tell some people I know that Eddie Izzard and Tommy Chong are still alive.

Bethalow said...

Rick- CONGRATS!!! Happy start to year 3...they do say that 3's a charm! I know you will get all you wish for. I need to think about who you can start "portroiding". I like your "self portroid" idea. I got my shirt today- I am proud. My friends think I am crazy. I probably am.

NickNelson said...

Three years of pleasantly harrassing famous people, family, friends, and whatever I am to you. Congratulations...even if I'll never understand the damned things!