Wednesday, November 23, 2005

20% Success, 2 Strikes, and Fan Challenges Revealed!

We're a month into Portroids Year 3, and I've already hit two (maybe three) of my Year 3 goals (more on this later). That's not too bad, right? At this rate I may get all ten. But, hold the horses, as I haven't yet revealed the challenges put forth by you, the adoring portroid public.

So, without any more ado, here are the Top Ten Fan Favorite Portroid Challenges for Year 3:

1. Figment (from EPCOT)
2. Someone from the TV show 'Survivor'
3. Will Ferrell
4. Sarah Jessica Parker
5. Jack Black
6. Axl Rose
7. Another fantroid
8. Someone who first acquired fame in the 80s
9. Steve Martin
10. A significant person in politics (past or present)

OK, the game is afoot!

Now, it's time to discuss the portroids I took thus far this portroids' fiscal year.

In reverse.

eeL gnA. Sorry. Ang Lee. Red carpet portroid for the Denver Film Festival closing film Brokeback Mountain (which he directed!). It's about gay cowboys, but straight cowboys will enjoy it too because it has boobs (Anne Hathaway's and Michelle Williams' boobs, in fact). That's the kind of stuff straight cowboys (and gay cowgirls) like. It's also a beautifully directed film with a great story, and all cowboys can agree that's A-OK.

Annie Proulx. I wish she could fulfill #8 for my Top Ten Challenge, but I've never read any of her work, so it's hard to admire her work without that foreknowledge. Maybe I could cheat and read and admire in arrears and then claim myself at 30% success ... maybe? Anyway, I got this portroid on the red carpet for the same screening of Brokeback Mountain as discussed above. The movie is based on her New Yorker short story.

Philip Baker Hall. This is a great actor. I asked him about working on Curb Your Enthusiasm and he claimed to have had a lot of fun. Maybe he was just acting when he told me that. Maybe that's how dedicated he is to his craft. Maybe not. Anyway, it was really great meeting him. Wonderful man.

Blair Underwood. I got this at a book signing. How boring is that? Very. He wasn't boring though. He was engaging. It's just boring that I got the portroid at a signing. I mean, how obvious.

Matt Mulhern. Writer and director of the new film, Duane Hopwood. This was a really good movie. You'll probably not get a chance to see it. For that, I feel sorry for you. Sometimes I can't help but feel sorry for you. Sorry.

David Schwimmer. This is where this portroid should be, but it isn't. Nope, he eluded me yet again. This is the second time I saw David Schwimmer and missed a portroid. The first time was in New York. He was in SoHo talking to Judy Greer (which would've meant another Arrested Development portroid). This time he was doing a One-On-One interview for the Denver Film Festival. I was there, but he scooted (not literally. Literally, he skedaddled, but that was too long a word to write) out the back door as soon as it ended and I was thwarted. Don't believe me? My head is in the bottom right of this picture from the Denver Film Festival website:

Two rows in front of me on the aisle is Matt Mulhern, for you back-of-head trivia buffs out there.

Greg Behrendt: He fulfilled my #1 goal for this year (not #1 as in top priority, but #1 as in the first on my list). A portroid previously missed. We saw him at the Aspen Comedy Festival last year, but didn't get his picture. Now that has been remedied. I love remedies. They cure what ails you.

Rick DeMint: This is a portroid of my portroid Halloween costume. I went as a portroid of myself. I only later realized it would've been cooler to go as a portroid of someone else, thus doubling the costume awesomeness, but alas I wasn't that foresightful.

Alan Lee: He's someone involved in the Lord of the Rings movies, and therefore fulfills another of my Year 3 challenges. It's been suggested that this may be somewhat of a cheat, since I knew I would see him before I set the goals, but I say it's been a goal of mine well before I set the goals and I'm counting it. He was really cool to meet and he showed a lot of his design work for the movie. All in all a fun event.

Um, that's all I have to say. Quite likely my most boring blog post ever, and that is somehow an accomplishment.

Boringly Yours,