Sunday, October 29, 2006

Goodbye Three. Hello Four!

I had an email a couple months ago from Tammi Hall asking me to blog again. I told her I would, but to make it look like I cannot be easily bossed around, I waited months and months to do so. So, blame her for my delinquence (though not for the delinquence of the five months leading up to her email (that can be blamed on anything other than my own laziness (thank you (I don't like to be accountable for my own actions)))).

So, why write now? Simple. We just entered Year FOUR here at portroids, and thus it's time to celebrate!! Happy Belated Anniversary, Portroids!!! I've even already gotten one new picture to start off this fourth year. It's Barack Obama.

Look for Year Four to bring you even more portroids than just this one. Oh yes, far more than just one.

Which brings me to a happy (and sad) announcement: my Year Three goals. I didn't hit them all. I accomplished 12 out of 20. That, in any school in the world, is failing. F for Effort. I'm sorry to have let you all down. But, the good news is 12 is my favorite number, so, I win. Sort of.

I thought about giving some highlights of what you may have missed that happened in the past seven months since my last blog entry, but decided to gloss over it as if it hadn't happened. Besides, you can just check the updates to see who has been portroided (and there are some amazingly great people included - trust me, I would know).

So, the point of this particular entry is not to brag about the past, but to brag about the future. I'm like a fortune teller of awesomeness, so keen your ears my way for a foretelling of .... the Year Four Goals!!!!

Only two goals this year. Simple.

Goal 1: An unaccomplished Year Three Goal. Yes, one more chance to shine with those 8 unportroided goals. One more year to prove I'm not completely worthless when it comes to fulfilling plans I put into action.

Goal 2: A portroid of one person born in each of the 50 United States. Repeats acceptable (to make it easy on me).

So, friends, that is it. That is the aim of this coming year. Just you see if I don't do it. Just you wait and see!

Until I don't do it,