Monday, November 13, 2006

Two New, and Who Knew.

This weekend we attended a screening of Steel Toes at the Denver International Film Festival. In attendance was David Strathairn. I got his portroid. See it here. I also got the portroid of his co-star Andrew Walker. You should look for great things from this actor. He's talented. Here's his portroid.

This was on Saturday.

Sunday I got an email from the Film Society briefly discussing events from the previous day, and inclusive was a small photo gallery. Oh, hey, there's David Strathairn. I saw him. Cool. And there's ... huh? what??? Ian Somerhalder??

So, I yell down the stairs to Erica, "You'll never believe who was at the film festival yesterday! Ian Somerhalder!" To which she responds with a confused look, furthering my further explanation, "He was Boone on Lost!"

She smiles. "I saw him! He was sitting right behind us at the movie!"


"I wasn't sure it was him, but now that you say it, he was definitely there. A couple seats away."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't want to look foolish if it wasn't really him, and I didn't want to call him 'Boone' and have him overhear that."

And so it is, that I once again missed getting a portroid of Ian Somerhalder. The first time was after the play Dog Sees God in NYC.

The sad part is that I actually saw him come into the theater, but was only looking for David Strathairn, and so was blinded to other possibilities.

The moral here is that I'm kind of stupid. And oblivious.

Bye for now,

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