Friday, August 31, 2007

Bumbershoot - The Birthplace of Portroids (Not at Bumbershoot)

Tomorrow, I am going to Seattle to attend Bumbershoot. What does this mean for you portroid lovers out there? Maybe something, maybe nothing. One thing for sure is a maybe is involved.

As you may know, you know, from looking at my ever increasing collection of portroids, I am a fan of comedy. Mostly good comedy. My primary interest in the Bumbershoot Music* Festival
(*not the real name) is not the music, but, as you may have guessed from the lead-in, the comedians. Mostly the good ones.

Also, for you die-hard portroid trivia-hounds, you are definitely well aware that the last time I was in Seattle was the first time a portroid was ever taken. It is, in essence, the birthplace of portroids (though the conception was conceived in my mind years before and after gestating for those long years gave birth ~four years ago in Seattle (not at Bumbershoot)).

So, prepare for the possibility of one, no, or many new portroids from this long weekend of Labor Day Weekend fun!

Be Prepared!

Note for portroids trivia-hounds (as if you didn't already know): Michael Ian Black, the first celebrity portroid, portroided in Seattle in 2003 (October), will be performing all three nights of the festival. Will he be portroided again? Find out soon. How soon? Sometime in the next few days, or next week probably.

Saturday, August 18, 2007



I met two of the Beastie Boys the other day. Thursday. On my lunch break. It was awesome.
Don't believe me?
I took their portroids (of course).

I hope that is sufficient proof.
MCA wanted to know if I have a portroid of David Lee Roth (I don't). Adrock wanted to know if I have a portroid of Richard Simmons (sadly, no).
I did not meet Mike D, so don't even ask. Thank you.

I also saw them in concert (gala show) the next night.
Don't believe me? (What's up with you not believing me? It's kind of random.)
I took pictures (see below, please):

Now, I hope that next time I tell you I met or saw somebody, you will believe me. That is my fondest hope.