Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Go see The Frames, now!

I was not able to blog from Seattle because the internet connection in my hotel room was absolute garbage, but I will be posting up all the things I did and all the people I met and all the shows I saw and all the portroids I took. Very soon. Maybe even today.

But before I do that, I needed to post an urgent message to tell you, everyone, to go see The Frames. I saw them last night and they rock, absolutely! They are doing a mini tour of the United States starting last night in Seattle, continuing tomorrow in San Francisco. Get tickets!!

The lead singer, Glen Hansard, plays the main character in the film "Once" (which you should see, absolutely, if you have not already). I met him after the concert yesterday and he was perhaps the coolest, nicest person I've ever met, and yes, that includes you if I've met you. Sorry. You're just not as cool. Or as nice. And you definitely don't rock as hard. My apologies. Maybe you should step it up a little?

Anyway, he will be touring with The Frames on this mini-tour (I'll post dates at the end of this so you can rush out and see if you can find last minute tickets), and then he will be touring the US in November with The Swell Season (his other music project with his "Once" co-star Marketa Irglova). Those dates haven't been posted yet, as far as I can find.

Here are the dates (from their myspace page):

05 september 2007 ::
great american music hall, san francisco, ca
support: eleni mandell
info: http://www.musichallsf.com/

06 september 2007 ::
henry fonda theatre, los angeles, ca
support: eleni mandell
doors: 8PM
tickets: $16
info: http://www.henryfondatheater.com/

08 september 2007 ::
hideout, chicago
support: Andrew Bird
tickets: $35 (on sale: 03 july 2007)
info: http://www.hideoutchicago.com/

10 september 2007 ::
webster hall, new york, ny
support: Brendan O'Shea & Michael Brunnock
info: http://www.websterhall.com/

You can find links to purchase tickets on this site: http://www.theframes.ie/v4/news/dates.php

Don't say I didn't warn you when everyone else is on The Frames bandwagon and you're hitching your star to their wagon too late. It may already be too late. Probably is. Get onboard anyway. Nowabouts.

- Rick

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