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Sept 2, 2007 - Bumbershoot Day 2

I forgot to mention that on Day 1, we went by the FYE tent and found out that the majority of the bands (with the exception of Mainstage acts) do signings after the performances. Portroids gold mine!!!

Day 2

Breakfast with Carl, as promised. Then he went home for about an hour and we went back to our hotel, where we saw Janeane Garofalo getting off the elevator. Same story as other stories: I already had her portroid, so we didn't stop her to have a good old fashioned chat.

Carl called to say he was on his way, so we went down to the lobby and ran into Kristen Schaal and Todd Barry. She said hi to us. He acted like he didn't know who we were (which he did not). I didn't ask if I could get his picture, and feared I'd regret it (I didn't (ultimately) regret it). Carl arrived and then Erica left us and skipped out on the festival in order to go meet with a friend she hadn't seen in 18 years (some friend, eh? (I said "eh" because she's Canadian)).

So, Carl and I went to Bumbershoot on our own.

The Trucks - Sound Transit Stage (Broad Street)
Whoa! No lead in? Nope. We came across The Trucks before we even got into the festival grounds, as the stage borders the sidewalk outside the fence. From there we not only heard some rocking sounds, but also saw some under-ass of one of the girls in her hotpants onstage from backstage. I think it was the one girl who is missing a front tooth. I might be wrong. You never know. They rocked, from what I could tell in passing.

We wandered around, killing time (too much time, by the way) waiting for the first comedy show to start that we wanted to see. We went back to the Sound Transit Stage and visited the FYE booth for The Trucks' post-show signing (I was scouting it out, so I would know where to be for The Frames' signing the next night). I did not get portroids of the ladies. Sorry if that was your fondest wish. You should've said something before. Now it's too late.

Walking to the next line, I saw who I could swear was comedian Doug Benson (not on the schedule) coming from the Mainstage VIP area. I wasn't certain, though. We arrived at our next line ...

Craig Baldo, Janeane Garofalo, Al Madrigal - Comedy Stage North (Intiman Theatre)
Yeah, um, we didn't get in.

So we went to ...

The Stockholm Syndrome (3 short films from Sweden) - 1 Reel Film Festival (McCaw Lecture Hall)
I rather enjoyed the two very intense, somewhat confusing as to the message, films we stayed to watch. The first was about Elvis (not the real Elvis, an Iranian kid named after him) and this Nazi dude who babysat him for a day (Oops, spoiler!). The next was about a heavy-metal-loving war photographer who doesn't get involved who gets involved and gets killed. The one guy also shoots a lot of dogs in Rwanda (Spoiled, too (My deepest apologies, but what's done is done (Vader is Luke's dad (Head's up.).).).). Both short films were beautifully filmed, says I.

We left before the third short, a cartoon, to go to ...

Brent Weinbach, Fred Armisen, Eugene Mirman - Comedy Stage North (Intiman Theatre)
We got in line very early for this, so we assured ourselves we'd get in. We did not disappoint ourselves. Once seated, the show started. The host: Doug Benson! I knew it!!! I pat myself on my back (not literally). He told a series of funny jokes, and we laughed accordingly. Then Fred Armisen came out. I had seen him perform before. He's a funny guy. He doesn't do typical stand-up. He does character pieces and, what I consider, deconstructive bits. This was one of the latter. I thought it was funny. I think the audience was split. Not for me to say. Next up was Brent Weinbach. I hadn't seen him perform before, but I was looking forward to it due to great reviews from people whose comedy tastes I appreciate. He did not disappoint. He was hilarious. Not much of a review, I know, but it's hard to do without giving away the jokes (I had no problem spoiling the short films, you'll recall (screw you)). Next was Fred Armisen again. Remember what I said about his comedy style before? This was the former. And again, funny. Especially the Q&A after. And finally, Eugene Mirman. I am a big fan of Eugene. He always makes me laugh. He did a few jokes I'd heard before, but mostly it was new material (to me). I was very pleased overall with this collection of comedians. Very pleased indeed!

Right after the show, Carl and I wandered around the lobby. We saw Fred Armisen talking with some people by a door. When you see super famous celebrities talking to people by doors, you know they either just came out of it or are going into it or just happened to be standing near it. That is for certain! We looped around to the other side of the theater to see if there were any other doors for people to stand by talking, and there weren't. We walked back, intent on asking Fred if Brent (who as of then was unportroided) would be coming out that very same door. We didn't get the chance to ask. Brent walked out that door. Boom! I called it, right? And he wasn't alone. He was with Jasper Redd. Jackpot! Two awesome comedians in one fell swoop. I asked if I could take each of their pictures and they agreed it would be acceptable. We talked for a few minutes and I shook Brent's hand (a few times (once as a misunderstanding)).

You can find their portroids here and here.

Note of Interest: I had seen Jasper perform once in New York, opening for Patton Oswalt at Caroline's (the night I took Patton's portroid). Also opening that night was Eugene Mirman. Anyway, that wasn't the note I intended. The note I intended was to point out that as of right now (and this could change at any moment, so don't hold me liable), Jasper Redd is using his portroid as his profile image on his myspace page. That is pretty cool, I think.

We attempted and failed to go see ...

Anthony Jeselnik, Kristen Schaal, Jonathan Coulton - Comedy Stage North (Intiman Theatre)
Attempted ... and failed. I'd seen two of three of them previously, so while I was sad, I wasn't devastated. Just sustained partial collateral damage.

As previously mentioned, Carl was the very first portroid back in 2003. It was due time he had a follow-up, so if you want to see it, you can do so here.

If you recall the events of Bumbershoot Day 1, surely you will recall that we were denied ingress to the Michael Ian Black/Todd Barry show. With this in mind, we planted ourselves in line 2 hours early and waited. Erica rejoined us with her long lost friend in tow. I took her portroid, of course.

Suffice it to say, our next show was ...

Michael Ian Black and Todd Barry - Comedy Stage South (Charlotte Martin Theatre)
The host once again was our old friend Doug Benson. He did some different jokes from the previous time we saw him that day, and that was pleasant. They were funny, as expected. Next up was Todd Barry. Todd, if you haven't seen him (and even if you have), has a deadpan style. Not like Steven Wright's deadpan, but more like a sarcastic deadpan. Does that make sense? Of course it does. And he's hilarious. A regular laugh riot. You really missed out if you missed his show. Big time. I'm very sad for you. I'm also sad for you for missing Michael Ian Black. I've been a fan of Mr. Ian Black since, well, since before you were born (if you were born after 1993), so I'm a little biased in his favor when I report that he was fantastic. I hadn't seen his stand-up before, so it was mostly new material for me. I'd tell you every joke if you wanted, but I know you don't want that, so I won't. Ever. So don't ask.

After the show, Doug and Todd were waiting for us in the lobby. Not "us" specifically, but "us" collectively. If you want to know if I took their portroids, the answer is ... yes.


If you want to know if I took Michael Ian Black's portroid again, the answer is ... no. He either skirted out the side door or skorted quickly past the crowd. It's what he does. As Todd Barry commented, "Who is he? Wayne Newton?"

That's it for Day 2.

One day more!


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