Saturday, September 08, 2007

Sept 3, 2007 - Bumbershoot Day 3

Oh, I forgot to mention that we went to Flatstock on Days 1 and 2 (but not 3). It was very cool. Rock concert poster art. The artists were there presenting their work. It, like I said, was very cool.

Day 3

Breakfast with Carl again. And his wife, Miwa. I got her portroid (did you doubt it?). We went to Orange Julius (or so I thought (it was really Julia's (sans Orange (I had orange juice)))). After eating, they dropped us off at the festival, as we had an event we were excited to see ...

[title intentionally left out] - venue unlisted
This was one of those things we were really looking forward to that ended up being not good. At all. It was awkward and uncomfortable and we left halfway through. I wish it wasn't the case, but it was.

... but the good news is that due to leaving that event, we happened to catch another event randomly that we loved ...

The Bad Things - Wells Fargo Stage (Northwest Court)
I'm not quite sure how to describe them, but I'll try: gypsy rock, junkyard polka, old timey traveling circus musicians, fun as hell. It's the only CD we bought on premises. Look them up and give them a listen. Try their official page or myspace. You know, if you want.

I got portroids of four of the seven band members. Why only four? I have no idea. They were all there and available. Leaves me something to strive to complete in the future.

See them here:

Jimmy the Pickpocket
Stanislav the Gypsy
Madame Miss Funi
Captain Panto

We had planned to check out more comedy in the afternoon, but instead we met up with Carl and Miwa again and went to Alki Beach. On the way out, we caught The Blakes on Sound Transit Stage. While just walking by, I ascertained that I would give them a listen later. I bought a song on iTunes, so that's proof right there that I didn't lie to myself (on this account).

As you may've noticed, the last seven or so portroids have a different "look". It's due to old film. It's becoming harder and harder to find Spectra film for the Polaroid, and when I do it is usually already expired. This particular batch expired in 2005, yet I only just recently purchased it. In anticipation of seeing The Frames later this day, and not wanting to have the portroids turn out badly, I, against Erica's advice, wasted the last five pictures in this cartridge by randomly pointing and shooting. I then reloaded with what I thought was a newer cartridge (it was actually older).

We returned to the festival in the 6 o'clock hour and found a spot in the grass for ...

The Frames - Sound Transit Stage (Broad Street)
I think I've already given my assessment of this band in a previous post, but I will just reiterate that they are amazing (especially live). As one reporter noted about this show (I paraphrase), "it was cinematic." I agree. It's a perfect mix of quiet soulful music that crecendoes into all-out kick-ass rock. Lend them an ear (yours, preferably).

There was supposed to be a post-show signing post-show, but the lady manning the FYE tent said there would not be. Something about the band having to catch a plane. Instead of getting very sad and moping and walking hang-doggedly home, I went over to the stage entrance exit and hung out. You never know, right?

Within a few minutes, Glen Hansard came out and signed autographs for everyone waiting there and talked to them about upcoming shows, the movie Once, and other topics. I asked to take his picture, and he agreed (as most people do). When he saw it was a Polaroid, he started scratching around the edge of it and asked me if I ever do that. He explained that it makes it look really cool when it develops. He wasn't sure if it would work due to it usually taking a harder scratching, like that made with a key, or stomping on it on the ground. I took one more picture and thanked him and left.

After I had walked away, I pulled out the picture to see how it was developing. It wasn't. Not well, anyway. This film was well past expired and barely registered but a ghostly image. Oh drat!

I scanned it anyway and put it through a filter in Photoshop. I also "created" a new portroid from the other picture I took. I hate to do that. I really do, but I also hate to lose out on a cool portroid.

This was my final Bumbershoot shot, the true portroid taken:

- Rick


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed looking at your blog. I stopped in by way of searching Glen Hansard. Great photo even if it is a little on the bright side. Do you have any portroids of Dave Matthews?

portroids said...

I do not have any Dave Matthews portroids, as I've not yet met him. Maybe someday.

Yes, I was dissapointed in how the Glen portroid turned out. I saw him perform again a few months later, but didn't hang out after the show to do a retake. Leaves something to do in the future.