Tuesday, October 23, 2007

F for Effort

Today is the fourth anniversary of portroids. yay.

If you're wondering why I am less than thrilled, it is because I was short 24 States in my big "portroid of someone born in every State" goal I set a year ago. That is, in any method of scoring, a failing grade. I am a failure at portroiding people born in the Midwest and the South and like the upper Western middle-area. Absolutely rubbish at that.

Anyway, hooray.

I don't think I'll set any goals for Year 5, which starts tomorrow.

I have one other portroid to post in Year 4, but don't worry, he was born in New York, so ... unusable for my goal-oriented purposes.

See you next year (portroids fiscal),
Rick (goal inept)

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