Thursday, March 19, 2009

David Lynch Foundation - 'Change Begins Within' Concert

As many (all) of you will remember, last summer I attended the David Lynch Weekend in Fairfield, IA. (If you don't remember, read the second half of the first sentence again, wait for a few seconds, and then think about what you just read. Now we all remember. )

Well, that was fun.

It also gave me the opportunity to get some great portroids of some of the special guests for that weekend. Here, I'll show them to you:

I also took some other portroids that weekend, but you'll have to go to the main site to find those. I'm not going to do all the work for you. That breeds laziness.
The point of all this is that there is an absolutely amazing concert coming up on April 4, 2009 at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. The concert (titled "Change Begins Within") is a benefit for the David Lynch Foundation (to teach 1 million children Transcendental Meditation). If that's not enough for you, please check out the lineup:
Hosts - David Lynch, Laura Dern, and Russell Simmons.
Musicians - Sir Paul McCartney (from The Beatles), Ringo Starr (also, from The Beatles), Eddie Vedder (who you might remember from Pearl Jam), Donovan, Sheryl Crow, Ben Harper, Moby, Paul Horn, Bettye Lavette, and Jim James (frontman for My Morning Jacket).
Sounds like a pretty awesome concert, right? You should totally go. It's sold out. Sorry. I should've told you sooner. Believe me, I'm as disappointed as you are. I tried to get tickets, but just wasn't fast enough. Wouldn't that have been incredible (for me) if I could've gone and got portroids of all these legendary performers? You would've totally loved that (on my behalf).
There is some good news, though, my internet friends (I consider us friends (best)). Lots of good news. I will enumerate it:
1. There will be live Twittering (tweeting) from backstage by the DLF.TV crew. You must follow them at the following addresses: @heatherhartnett, @boozby, @edenweaver, @amy__darling, and @dlftv.
2. There will be a live backstage webcast on DLF.TV.
3. The tweets from enumeration 1 above will be consolidated in a live twitter feed, also at DLF.TV.
4. Sounds like you may want to check out this DLF.TV site. They are running a beta now. You can access it, thanks to (and probably lots of other feeds), using the beta code: thealphabet
5. You may want to get on that beta site (see point 4), as there is still a chance for you to get tickets to the concert (WHAT? Really? YES!!) via a DLF.TV ticket giveaway drawing. You also could win the opportunity to have a Meet and Greet and Photo Op with David Lynch. So, you should go to DLF.TV right away and sign up (I totally hope you win).
6. Did I mention the DLF.TV website? Lots of cool exclusive content from David Lynch. You might not want to miss that.
OK, also look at this promo video, since you're here:

David Lynch Foundation Television Trailer (DLF.TV) from DLFTV on Vimeo.

After all this promotion for the event, my guess is that you guess that I am somehow working for the David Lynch Foundation. Well, I'm not. But a lot of my friends are. Friends like Sam Lieb and Eli Lieb and Heather Hartnett and Ed Murphy and probably other friends, too. You can find a lot of their portroids on my site ( - where you are right now!).

So, anyway, if you already have tickets to the concert, you're lucky and I'm jealous of you. If you don't, we can hang out together on the internet watching other people have a great time. Awesome!!!

Seriously, check out DLF.TV,

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Unknown said...

Awesome write up, Rick! Not 100% sure what I'll be doing yet at the event, but if I'm not too busy, you can follow tweets from me also! @Edward_Murphy