Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Did Some Things. Here's What They Were.

Every time I post a new blog, I resolve to post more blogs. This is no exception. I'm totally going to post more often. It's going to be awesome! (if only it were true)

I am posting things on twitter as they happen, though, so I'm not a complete deadbeat. I also post up more of a quick and civil recap on my update page when I post images to my update page, so you can read about my photo exploits there, too. See? You haven't been abandoned. Not absolutely.

Anyway, it's been like six months or so since I posted what I've done. Sorry, OK?

I went to some festivals. I didn't get a press pass for them, though I applied, so I figure a less timely report is justified.

OK, let's see, Maui Film Festival was really fun. Their Celestial Cinema outdoor theater is incredible. I almost got a portroid of Willie Nelson. I stood by and let Zooey Deschanel and Ben Gibbard walk right by me without stopping them to ask for a photo (second one of Zooey, if I had). The Taste of Chocolate event at the Four Seasons Maui was star-speckled and decadent (dessert-wise and otherwise). I met many people there and got portroids of all but one (the very friendly, but camera resistant Dax Shepard). Here are those portroids for your eyes' delight:

Lisa Linde Marsden
James Marsden
Robert M. Knight
Anna Faris
Chris Pratt
Tori Spelling
Virginia Madsen
Kristen Bell
Jillian Michaels

Also, since I blogged last, I had one of my portroids in a Polaroid photo show at PhotoWorks SF in San Francisco. That was a cool event and I had a great time meeting people there. I've also recently been interviewed for an article on portroids. It was a fun process, for sure. I did some live-tweeting for the Denver Film Society for their Film On The Rocks series. I even got to go backstage at Red Rocks. You should totally do that if you get the chance. Totally. I'm sure other things like that have happened that I have forgotten. I'm prone to such forgetfulness (not usually).

I got turned down to my face when I asked if I could take a photo. That is always enjoyable (for you to read). Christopher Guest and Lou Reed. Prepare for rejection should you approach either (especially in a hotel lobby, or if they are swinging around a wooden staff martial-artsily).

What else? I went to Bumbershoot in Seattle. Had an amazingly fun time. Saw a ton of comedy shows and bands and met some cool people (AST friends: Rebecca O'Malley (from, Peter Greyy, and ran into previously portroided Andy Wood). Met some of the writers from the TV show "Lost" (Carlton Cuse, Eddy Kitsis, and Adam Horowitz) and contributed some highlights from that to I would write a lot more about it, but I am pretending to be bitter about not getting a press pass for this superb festival which you should try to attend every year for all three days over Labor Day weekend. Also, check out the band "Hotels". They have some awesome songs (and all four of the members let me take a portroid, even though it resulted in an unfortunate Sharpie event for one of them (I still feel horrible about that, Brendan Malec (in case you have a Google Alert for your name))). Some other great talents I met were: Reggie Watts, Matt Braunger, David Cross, Amber Tamblyn, Matt & Kim, Christian Lander, Tony Camin, and Tyler Bryant. And I feel like this particular portroid of Adrian Grenier came out amazingly well:

That is probably all I have to say. I still need to post my new pictures of Ralph Nader and of Ira Glass. I'll do that soonish. Going to New York next weekend. The New Yorker Festival is happening then, so I hope to get some great portroids while there. If anything else comes up, you'll be the first (last, probably) to know!

Kind Regards, and Until Next Time (6 months, shall we say?),

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