Thursday, November 12, 2009

Business As Usual and More on 32-SDFF

As you may already know from your avid following of my twitter feed, I tried and failed to get a portroid of one of my favorite authors, John Irving. He was doing a presentation at the great Tattered Cover Book Store in Denver (where I have taken many a portroid) for his new book "Last Night in Twisted River". Even though he is one of my favorite authors (previously stated), I didn't even know he had a new book until I saw he was coming here. Maybe you didn't know either, but now you do, and now you have no excuse to not buy his book. Anyway, I got there early and got a good seat. Mr. Irving's planning for quick entrance and quicker exit left no time for any fan interaction (before or after). He did spend about an hour answering questions (pre-written on note cards handed out before the event) and talking about his writing process and new book. His son and grandson were also in attendance (and I think his wife was there, too) and he told some stories about them. As I mentioned a few sentences ago, upon completion of his talk, he made a speedy departure through a back door (I did see Denver mayor John Hickenlooper waiting near that doorway for an equally speedy greeting). All in all I was pleased with the event, but learned that Irving's evasiveness may prove to make a future portroid equally as difficult, but I shall be ever-alert should he make a more welcoming appearance in the future.

Other note. I will be in Las Vegas this weekend, which means I will miss a few events happening right here in my own backyard (not my literal backyard). Hal Holbrook* will be in town for the Starz Denver Film Festival, and Harrison Ford will be here to receive an award at the Wings Over The Rockies museum. Both events I would love to attend. Sorry, guys, maybe you can get your portroid taken another time.

Speaking of the Starz Denver Film Festival, it begins tonight!! I'll be standing near the red carpet if you want to come say hello. I'm the guy who looks like me (for more on what I look like, look me up on

*I got the chance to watch the Hal Holbrook film which will be screening at the festival, "That Evening Sun". I don't really know how to classify it. I definitely liked it. It was a slow film with two main characters that are  both right and grossly in the wrong, which makes for an interesting study. Throughout, you want to side with Abner (excellently acted by Hal Holbrook), but his relentless antagonism (somewhat justified) keeps you from knowing what is the correct path (much like life). I'd recommend you see this film and attend Mr. Holbrook's Excellence in Acting award ceremony this Saturday (sold out, but if you already have tickets ...). Let me know how it is. I will be out of town. In Vegas. Doing things I can only tell you about if you meet me there (probably just walking around, playing penny slots, scoffing at the escort trading cards being flicked my direction on the strip, and whatever else happens there (likely going to bed early)).

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