Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Podcast and More 32SDFF!

I'm back from vacation and ready for more excitement regarding the 32nd Starz Denver Film Festival. While I was away (in Las Vegas), I took one new celebrity portroid. Click here to see who it is (Note: it's Jerry Springer (you were going to find out soon anyway)). He asked me, when he saw my Polaroid, if I also have a Model T (I do not).

Before I left for vacation, I had the chance to sit down with George Hardy and Michael Paul Stephenson from the movies "Troll 2" and "Best Worst Movie". We met for about an hour and had a great time. Those guys are very cool and down to earth. I will probably write something up for their combined portroid page, but for now, enjoy this podcast (Portroidcast) I made of our interview.

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If the player is not working, or if you just want to listen later, you can download it here. It will also be available on iTunes soon.

I also attended the red carpet for the Evening with Ed Harris. I took portroids of the co-writers/co-directors of his new film "Touching Home", Noah Miller and Logan Miller. It was a cold snowy evening, so the Polaroids came out a little purple-blue.

There are still five great days of festival activities for you to attend, so pick out some movies and buy tickets. Tonight, I'm going to see Official Rejection. Friday, I will see Please, Please Me. Saturday will start with either Tales from The Script, or Laila's Birthday, then Passenger Side (actor Adam Scott is expected to be in attendance this weekend, but it may only be Sunday), and then closing it out with the Closing Night film The Young Victoria. Sunday, I have conflicting tickets for the Michael Cera film Youth In Revolt and the film The Vicious Kind (where J.K. Simmons will be receiving the Cassavetes Award (which means it will likely be my choice to attend)), then I have tickets to see Buick Riveria, but may opt to see the sneak peek screening (which I am 99% sure is the new Jason Reitman film "Up In The Air") where a surprise guest actor will introduce the film (my guess is it is J.K. Simmons (but don't quote me on that (unless I get it right))), and finally the last film I will watch for the festival will be the new Terry Gilliam movie The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus.

I hope to see you at some, or all of these films.

See you there (I hope)!

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