Saturday, April 03, 2010

Vail Film Festival 2010 - Day 2, my Day 1, written Day 3

Having a great time. Wish you were here.


This entry, by the nature of time, will be short, but its apropos of my experience thus far at the Vail Film Festival. We arrived yesterday morning and after check-in I hopped on a shuttle and went to Beaver Creek (the only complaint I have about the fest this year is the 20 minutes driving distance between the two major venues (slightly inconvenient, but understandable)). I went to Beaver Creek to catch two short film programs (that's the tie-in I was trying to make to the shortness of this update (failed)). I love short films. I will go into more depth about the films I saw in a future entry, but I am on my way out the door to go see Shorts Program 4 (this time held in the Vail Plaza Hotel, where we're staying).

Today I hope to do a lot of fun stuff. Look at the schedule at to see what that might be!!

I conducted an interview for the Portroidcast yesterday with the actress Ashley Jensen. I loved the interview we did, but there was so much background noise from the filmmaker party happening in the adjoining lounge that it may not be listenable for a podcast. If I can't solve the issue of minimizing the crowd chatter, I will transcribe it for all to read. I hope you read it. I know you will.

OK, I need to get downstairs to watch more shorts (and today I will also be watching some long-form feature length films, so I'll report on those, too).

Here are the portroids I've taken so far. Cleaner copies and descriptions will be on the site as soon as I get home to my scanner.

Talk to you shortly (continued failure),

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