Monday, May 24, 2010

LOST Finale Party!!!!

As everyone in the known universe knows, this weekend was the series finale for the TV show LOST. There was an event being held in Los Angeles at The Orpheum sponsored by Global Cash Card and Jay & Jack (of The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack) wherein 2,000 fans got to see the 2.5 hour finale projected on the big screen. Also included in this night of fun were interviews with stars from the show, results from a fan-submitted video contest (including an amazing award of a DHARMA van), and a live podcast by Jay and Jack.
As you may have guessed, I was there. Here's who else was:

Jay Glatfelter of Jay & Jack

Jack Glatfelter of Jay & Jack

Michael Purcell from the sponsor company Global Cash Card

Malcolm David Kelley, who's character of Walt Lloyd was one of the most intriguing and mysterious of the early seasons (and remains so to this day)

Ralph Apel of the Dharmalars podcast (with flash stars in his eyes)

Eric Lange, who played the DHARMA Initiative Head of Research Stuart Radzinsky

Colleen McAllister, from (and Jay's fiance)

Neil Hopkins, whose character of Liam Pace started the band Drive Shaft with his baby brother Charlie

Clif Armstrong, the man behind the videos for Jay & Jack

Kris White, from The Official Lost Podcast (and other ABC podcasts)

Tommy "Tiny" Lister, while not a LOST actor, a prolific actor nonetheless. He was also a professional wrestler: Zeus!

L. Scott Caldwell, who's character of Rose Nadler survived the series from the pilot episode to the end

Sterling Beaumon, the young Ben Linus

Andrea Gabriel, who played the love of Sayid's life Nadia (but not his afterlife)

Jo Garfein of the wildly popular LOST-themed blog JOpinionated

Michael Emerson giving the spine-chilling Benjamin Linus stare


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