Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yessss!! That's Impossible!!

As anyone who loves Polaroid knows, The Impossible Project has been working dilligently on producing a viable replacement for the discontinued Polaroid film since Polaroid decided to discontinue it.

I recently tested out some of their latest creation, PZ600 Silver Shade UV+, and loved the result!

The instructions indicate a need to cover the image directly as it ejects from the camera, and I did just that for my first test shot (of my wife looking very serious (unposted)) and the next three shots (posted below). My fifth shot (of me and my dog (unposted)) I let sit in full light and there was only a little bit of a more brightened border. This bodes well for portroids, since covering the shot hinders the ability to have it autographed (though for the Kevin Allison one below I had him sign after it developed fully).

Anyway, check out the Impossibles below and buy some of the film to try for yourself. I think you'll really enjoy it (if I know you at all (which I probably don't (but try it anyway))).

From the Never Not Funny podcast (L to R: Matt Belknap, Jimmy Pardo, Pat Francis)
SF Sketchfest founders (L to R: Janet Varney, Cole Stratton, David Owen)
After our Portroidcast interview before his RISK show, comedian Kevin Allison

Like I said, try this film out. It is very cool (and you want to be cool, don't you? (of course you do)).


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