Friday, November 04, 2011

SDFF34: Bench Seat

One of the greatest things about film festivals is the ability to see short films which you would otherwise not get a chance to see. I was particularly excited about one short film at this year's Starz Denver Film Festival because it was based on a play by my favorite playwright Neil LaBute. It is called "Bench Seat" and was directed by Anna Mastro.

Playwright / Screenwriter - Neil LaBute

The action of the play takes place in the front bench seat of a car overlooking a city. A couple with differing ideas of the course of their relationship discuss potential issues surrounding the possibility of a break-up. The filmed version takes on a life of it's own thanks to the vision of it's director, Anna Mastro, who fleshed out the narrative by making it a musical.
Director - Anna Mastro

The film is beautifully shot, excellently directed, and wonderfully acted by stars Cassie Scerbo and Kyle Riabko. With original songs by Teddy Geiger and Anna Mastro, lovely colorful choreographed musical interludes interlace refreshingly with the bench seat dialogue. Anna's drive and passion for the Hollywood musical shine through and her love of LaBute's writing make this film thoroughly enjoyable and something I recommend you see.

I had the chance to sit down with Anna Mastro today in the Filmmaker Lounge to discuss the short film. You can listen to that interview here:

Tonight's screening was sold out, but there are still tickets available for Shorts 3: In The Name of Love tomorrow (Nov 5, 2011) at noon. Other shorts in the program include: All in All, The Bird Spider, Clear Blue, Splitscreen: A Love Story, Time and Love, and Waiting Room.


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