Monday, December 12, 2011

Portroids from Pardcast-A-Thon 2011!

Pardcast-A-Thon was amazing! You will have the chance to buy a download of the full 12 hour marathon podcast in audio and video form from on December 15, 2011, but until then you can bid on the original portroids taken backstage at the event. They were taken using Impossible Project's limited edition PZ600 UV+ Silver Shade Black Frame film and I think they turned out gorgeously (but I took them, so I'm biased). Judge for yourself, and bid on a batch. 100% of proceeds benefit the charity Smile Train.

All these auctions end December 17, 2011 in the morning.

Set 1 - Jimmy Pardo, Danielle Koenig, Walter Koenig, and John Ross Bowie (click link to bid)

This first set of four includes Never Not Funny host Jimmy Pardo, his wife, comedian Danielle Koenig, her father, Star Trek's Pavel Chekov actor Walter Koenig, and comedian John Ross Bowie.

Set 2 - Matt Belknap, Andy Richter, Rachel Quaintance, and Joe Lo Truglio (click link to bid)

The second set of four includes Never Not Funny co-host/producer Matt Belknap, actor/comedian/Conan sidekick Andy Richter, actress/comedian Rachel Quaintance, and from "The State"/"Wet Hot American Summer"/"Superbad"/"Role Models" actor/comedian Joe Lo Truglio.

Set 3 - Pat Francis, Amy Poehler, Todd Levin, and Rebecca Corry (click link to bid)

The third set of four includes Never Not Funny third chair Pat Francis, from "Upright Citizens Brigade"/"Wet Hot American Summer"/"Saturday Night Live"/"Parks and Recreation" actress/comedian Amy Poehler, Conan writer Todd Levin, and comedian Rebecca Corry.

Set 4 - Graham Elwood, Jesse Thorn, Dave Holmes, and Dan Katz (click link to bid)

The fourth set of four is what I call "The Gentleman Collection" and includes comedian Graham Elwood, "The Sound of Young America" radio show and podcast host Jesse Thorn, ex-MTV VJ/comedian Dave Holmes, and Never Not Funny intern "Tabasco Ears" Dan Katz.

Set 5 - Adam Carolla, Caleb Bacon, Bil Dwyer, and Eliot Hochberg (click link to bid)

The fifth set of four includes comedian/podcaster/broadcaster Adam Carolla, podcaster/Pardcast-A-Thon backstage wrangler Caleb Bacon, comedian Bil Dwyer, and from Not Funny videographer Eliot Hochberg.

Set 6 - Lisa Loeb, Greg Behrendt, Eli Braden, and Wayne Federman (click link to bid)

The sixth set of four is "The Musician Collection" and includes singer/songwriter/children's book author Lisa Loeb, comedian/author/musician Greg Behrendt, comedian/musician Eli Braden, and comedian/actor/ukulele musician Wayne Federman.

Set 7 - Jon Hamm, Janet Varney, Rich Sommer, and Paul Gilmartin (click link to bid)

The seventh set of four includes "Mad Men"/Bridesmaids" actor Jon Hamm, SF Sketchfest co-founder/actress/comedian Janet Varney, "Mad Men" actor Rich Sommer, and "Dinner and a Movie"/"The Mental Illness Happy Hour" host comedian Paul Gilmartin.

Now's your chance, get bidding!